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Lasko Wind Curve 2554 Review

Looking for the best lasko fans? What I Liked The functionality of a timer comes in handy with this wood paneling looking fan. And it also comes with an in built ionizer. What I Didn’t Liked The air flow in this model is not very fast, which means that it will not cool down aContinue Reading

Holmes HT38RB-U Review

Looking for the best tower fans? What I Liked The remote allows you to change direction of the oscillating fan and the fan can oscillate up to 180 degrees. What I Didn’t Like The beep from the fan is quite loud when you are pressing the control button and there is no built in storageContinue Reading

Lasko Xtra Air T48310 Review

Want to find out what is the best oscillating fan in the market? What I Liked The great thing about this fan is that it come with an inbuilt ionizer unlike other models in the same price bracket. It also comes with a remote control and a timer that you can adjust. What I Didn’t LikeContinue Reading

Lasko Whole Room C27100 Circulator Review

If you’re looking for the best tower fan reviews then look no further. We review ten of the best. What I Liked This fan is really good at moving a lot of air in the room, especially in large rooms. What I Didn’t Like Whilst the fan can move large amounts of air in aContinue Reading

Brookstone Mighty Max Review

What are the best pedestal fans? What I Liked If you’re looking for s fan that can cool a medium to large sized room, then this fan will do the job. And it will do the job quietly. What I Didn’t Like If you are sleeping in the room with this fan then the LCDContinue Reading

Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room HY-108 Review

Want to get the low down on the best tower fan? What I Liked Like the name on the model says – it is really quiet and it also has 8 variable speeds which might come in handy. What I Didn’t Like That this model although quiet is not measured for its air flow outputContinue Reading

Honeywell Fresh Breeze HY-048BP Review

Are you searching for the best lasko tower fan? What I Liked This model has a 12 hour timer, which can be a bonus when you’re away from home and you want to have it cool before you return. It also has a cool breeze mode that helps to create a more natural type ofContinue Reading

Vornado Tower 184 Circulator Review

Find the best pedestal fan reviews here. What I Liked The fan has really good and even air flow. What I Didn’t Like The fan can be quite noisy when you crank up the speed. And the timer on the fan lack functionality.Continue Reading

Crane EE-5607 Review

You can find some of the best tower fans reviews right here. What I Liked The quietness of this fan, even when it is on full is still extremely quiet. Also it can move up to 180 degrees which is also a plus. What I Didn’t Like Whilst the fan is quite on high, theContinue Reading

Dyson AM07 Review

Looking for the best tower fan? Then You can check this review out. What I Liked The fact that it doesn’t have a blade makes this fan a safe option around young children. What I didn’t Like The remote for this model doesn’t operate well. You have to point the remote directly at the fanContinue Reading